Discovery Warranty

Discovery Optics Riflescopes upholds the spirit of “high quality, excellent service, the pursuit of development” and faith in the ideas of “quality first, customer first, and service first.” Our commitment to you encompasses every product we sell and extends beyond the sale for every one of our customers, exhibited in the highest level of personalized customer service.

After-sales service terms
The after-sales service promised by our company is only applicable to authorized distributors. The inquiry of all after-sales service requires support by authorization certificate and an official website.
After-sales service mode:

1. Technical Service

If customers encounter any technical problems in the process of using one of our products, he/she can contact customer service directly at: The professional and technical staff in our company can solve a wide spectrum of technical problems encountered during the use of a product.

2. Product Service

The warranty service provided by our company is free for the products sold within the warranty scope. Customers can mail the faulty products to the designated location to get the corresponding after-sale service.

3. The details of regulation

3.1 The warranty period for the riflescope products sold by our company is three years, except our ED line which includes a lifetime warranty beginning from the date of delivery.
3.2 Our company guarantees that the product has no defects in the production process nor in raw materials, and meets the published specifications. If the product purchased by the customer fails to meet the above guaranteed conditions during the warranty period, the company will provide a free warranty.
3.3 Warranty mode(Our company reserves the right to choose from the following methods:)
  a.Replacement of the same type of product. If there is no same product available, you can replace it with a comparable product that is not lower than the original product performance.
  b.Repair the original product.(The product will reach the expected product standards after maintenance)
3.4. The free warranty doesn’t cover the following cases:
a. This warranty does not cover damages caused by misuse or improper handling. Fault and damage caused by a change or disassembly that is not authorized by the service staff of our company.
b. Products not sold by the company's regular sales channels (Unauthorized sales agents or second-hand transactions.)
c. Fault or damage caused by using third-party products.

4. Paid repair service

We will undertake the professional handling of repair work assigned in relation to products  that we have manufactured.
4.1 After the sale, the company has the right to choose paid repair service when the product exceeds the warranty period specified by the company or when the product is damaged due to improper operation.
4.2 When the product needs repair service after the sale, the customer must include the maintenance cost together with the product to the designated maintenance station by express mail, or remit the maintenance cost into the designated bank account. We may charge a flat fee for shipping cost.
4.3 We will start carrying out the repair you have assigned to us within a reasonable period. Unless a binding deadline has explicitly been agreed upon, completion deadlines of which you are notified are non-binding. We will carry out on-site repairs within a reasonable period and within the framework of sensible tour planning for our service staff.

5. Other notes

5.1 The company provides warranty service for all hardware products under the warranty conditions. The service is limited to products that have quality problems, but does not include compensation for loss of interest of the purchaser and any direct or indirect loss caused by other circumstances.
5.2 The after-sales service provided by our company is limited to the scope stated in this commitment letter. The company is not responsible for any sales personnel or agents that exceed the commitment.
5.3 In compliance with this undertaking, the company reserves the right of final interpretation.